A Few Words About Us

Saipan.Tours is an online guide to the best Saipan Tours.  Our goal is to provide visitors of Saipan the most enjoyable, safe, and user-friendly experiences during their stay.

Saipan.Tours was created in 2015 by John Ulrich and Chunlan Wen.  It is a small locally owned business that aims to provide individualized small group tours at the most affordable rates.

Saipan Tour Guide Ran Speaks Chinese, English, and Korean Fluently
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Managaha Tour things to do in Saipan Travel #1 Beach in Wolrd
Saipan Tours Dinner Show includes authentic saipan food and fire dancers polynesian dancers and hula dancers at sunset live music

Our Staff

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CEO & Creator of Saipan Tours John Ulrich

 John Ulrich (above) is the Marketing Manager for www.Saipan.Tours.  

“We believe we can use technology to make a user-friendly online tour guide for Saipan that offers and highlights products and services available to our island’s visitors.  By offering free product advertising and promotion to local vendors, we can help their small businesses get exposure on a  global scale across multiple social media platforms, while networking accommodations for our multilingual and multicultural guests in real-time via the internet.”

 -John Ulrich -Marketing Coordinator

We ask you to support our small tour company by booking your tours online with Saipan.Tours and share us on Facebook, Wechat, and QQ with all your friends in China and the rest of the world.  Thanks, and Biba Saipan!

Saipan.Tours stock analyitics report visitor hits ranked #1 on google

After 1 year of business, our google analytics reports over 7,000 Sessions and 18,000 page views.  This represents an exponential growth in our websites unique visitors, the # of tours booked online, a steady increase in revenue, and success in near full automation of our products and services to our clients.  

We are also ranked #1 on google for “saipan tours” and featured on page 1 of google for many other common keywords like: “Saipan, Things to do, car rental, skydive, managaha, travel, UTV, tour guide, ” and more. Being ranked in the top listings on google.com has helped us reach a greater audience in the Korean and English speaking niche Markets.

Saipan Tours Analytics Report Ranked #1 on Google and Baidu