Non Licensed Scuba Dive Experience for Beginners $70

Dive at safe shallow depths of 10 Meters with licensed scuba masters.

$70 per dive/passenger. Dive gear, oxygen tank, licenced dive master, onsite training, and transportation provided.

Saipan’s Beaches Single Tank $119

choose from Lao Lao Beach, Obyan Beach, or the Grotto

$119 per dive/passenger. Dive gear, tanks, licenced dive master and transportation provided.

Saipan’s Beaches 2 Tanks $198

Choose from Lao Lao Beach, Obyan Beach, or the Grotto

$159 per 2-dives. Dive gear, 2 tanks, licenced dive master and transportation provided.

Boat Dives $219 – 2 Tanks

Open Water Boat Dives

$219/person, includes 2 dives, Choose from: Bonzai Cliff, Tinian Grotto, Obyan Midcut, Ice Cream, Dimple, Shipwreck, Two Coral, H8K Emily, Dump Cove

Beach Night Dive 1 Tank

Obyan or Lao Lao

$150 /person, includes 1 dive at night, 1 oxygen tank, scuba gear, flashlight, complimentary water, transportation.

Saipan’s Best Scuba Diving Tours

Scuba Dive in one of the world’s most exotic locations-Saipan.  The Grotto, Ice Cream, Obyan beach, and Lao Lao bay are very famous and popular excellent diving spots.  Scuba Divers must be licensed and certified with authentic diving credentials to go.  PADI is commonly accepted.  Some dive locations require experience.  Have a trusted and experienced master diver take you on the underwater adventure of your life!  This tour includes transportation to and from your hotel room, all diving equipment, gear, and oxygen tanks you will need, and an experienced diving master to insure your safety and enjoyment.

Site 01: Dump Cove

  • Tanks, airplane propellers, bullets and 1940-era Coke bottles are found at this dive site. This is also a grazing site for the green sea turtle.  There are many tropical fish and sometimes you can see reef sharks and the occasional Napoleons. The depth ranges from 10m (30ft) to 25m (80 feet). 

Site 02: Ice Cream

  • This coral is shaped like a scoop of ice cream on a cone! There is a variety of tropical fish such as goat fish, anemone fish and gobies, a variety of moray eels, and more.  It is also a cleaning station for many spotted eagles rays.

Site 03: Obyan Mid-Cut

  • Accessed via a  secret entrance that only locals know about.   When there are gently flowing streams, we would suggest you get to the shore then try drift diving to return to the main Obyan Beach entrance….visibility is amazing.
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Site 04: Shipwreck

  • A shipwreck named “Shoan Maru”, a  large Japanese cargo boat that sank during World War II.  The entire ship has now become a huge station for a variety of tropical fish.  For that reason, this site is also known as “The Aquarium”.  You can find an array of sea life from rays, snappers, large schools of yellow goat fish, soldier fish, gobies and huge stonefish.  Sometimes, white tip reef sharks are found sleeping inside the wreck debris. Depth is 12 m (30 feet). This is also a great place for night dive.

Site 05: Dimple

  • This spot is well known for the pyramid butterfly fish, barracuda, anemone fish, dog-tooth tuna and red snappers.  Hawks bill turtles and moray eels are also found here.  Depth is from 15 m (45 feet) to the max of 40 m (130 feet).  This spot is for intermediate divers.

Site 06: Two Coral

  • Tinian Two Coral has beautiful white sand and two main coral heads, which are home to many tropical fish and turtles. Flying fish and garden eels are also found here. There is also a variety of nudibranches as well.  When you reach the sandy area, it brings out a totally different perspective compared to other spots around the island.

Site 07: H8K Emily

  • This WWII Japanese Emily airplane (often mistakenly referred to as the “B-29”) was sunk inside the harbor between Saipan and Managaha.  Still visible are the four huge propellers, the wings, cockpit seat, and the gun turret.  You will also find lots of other airplane debris lying nearby in the sandy areas surrounding the plane wreck.  Depth is 10m (35 feet).

Site 08: Laulau Beach

  • Located on the east side of the island inside LauLau Bay, this is a great dive for DSD, training courses,  and fun diving.  Since it is located within the bay, there is usually no current in this area. If you want a really relaxing dive, then this is the spot.  This beach is the calmest beach on the island and is available for diving year round.  There are always schools of fish from unicorn fish, gobies, anemone fish, big eye scad and turtles.

Site 09: Wing Beach

  • This site is only open during the summer months due to strong surf and shoreline current.  Available by boat or beach, though boat is preferable if a long walk is not desired.  Along the wall and crevices, you can find many little sea creatures from juvenile octopi, mantis shrimp, lobster, nudibranch, gobies, damsel fish and fire scallops.  Sometimes, giant moray eels and turtles are visible as well.

Site 10: Obyan Beach

  • With exceptional visibility and a beautiful white sand bottom, this is a favorite dive spot and an excellent choice to see beautiful tropical fish, including the yellow-striped goat fish and the spaniel sea eel.  Please be aware that this site has many rip currents; as such, a proper briefing is essential before diving.

Site 11: Grotto

  • Saipan’s most famous dive site!  The Grotto is known for it’s unpredictable conditions, so we err on the side of caution while diving here.  116 steps will lead you down to the Grotto entrance, where you will make a giant stride entry into the water.  When you enter into the grotto, you will experience an amazing super blue world leading out into the open ocean.  It is not uncommon to see turtles, sharks, Napoleon fish or even barracudas.  Inside the grotto, you can see a variety of small shrimp, crabs, fan coral and nudibranches. On a cloudless day when the sun hits the water, it creates beautiful sunbeams below the surface that reflect off grotto walls. This is a famous blue grotto and is a must see!

Site 12: Tinian Grotto

  • When you adventure inside this grotto, you can find the boxer crab, decorated pipefish, and harlequin shrimp.  With a good eye, you can spot very rare micro-sized creatures that live in these parts.  This grotto is narrow inside so you will definitely feel adventurous while going into this location.  At the deepest area around this grotto, you can find the fish named Helfrich’s Dartfish, as well as the occasional stingray.

Site 13: Bonzai Cliff

  • Like Wing Beach, this is a seasonal dive during summer months only, due to big swells and sudden changing cross-currents.  With luck, you may be able to spot bigeye trevally or eagle rays.  At it’s deepest point, you can find large groupers or giant morays in their hiding places.  This site is only for advanced scuba divers.  

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