Saipan Sunset Dinner Cruises

Choose from 1 of 3 excellent dinner cruises

Saipan Sunsets are breathtaking, and one of the best ways to enjoy a sunset is aboard one of Saipan’s Sunset Dinner Cruises.  Choose from the Stars & Stripes, Love Boat, and Jada Lady dinner cruises.  Each boat provides dinner, drinks, and entertainment along with a totally unique Saipan sunset experience.

Love Boat Dinner Tour

Sunset Dinner Cruise $64

Enjoy a romantic dinner aboard Saipan’s Love Boat Dinner Tour. 360 view top deck. Live entertainment. 5-7 PM Daily.

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Sunset Dinner Cruise

Saipan’s Sunset Dinner Cruises are something every visitor must try.  Choose from 3 different Dinner Tours.  The Jade Lady, Stars and Stripes, and the famous Love Boat Dinner Cruise. Guests start boarding the boats at Smiling cove Marina at 5:00-5:30 and return around 7:00.  Transportation, dinner, live entertainment, and drinks are included.  Call 1.670.783.8105 to book your dinner cruise today.

Stars and Stripes

Sunset Dinner Cruise $76

Food, Drink, and transportation to and from hotel provided. 5-7 PM Daily

Hop aboard one of Saipan’s many sunset dinner cruises.  Each cruise is unique with unique performers, different menus, and different seating accommodations.  The Love Boat Dinner Tour is great for newlyweds.  Party atmosphere downstairs, and romantic acoustic musical performances on top deck with a magnificent 360 view of Saipan’s Blue Lagoon.  The Jade Lady offers steak and other treats straight from the grill!  The stars and Stripes is very large inside and offers the most protection in case of rainstorms.  All three dinner cruises are excellent no matter what you decide.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Jade Lady $79

Food, drink, entertainment, and transportation to and from hotel provided. Enjoy fresh off-the-grill food and choose between steak, chicken, or vegetarian dishes. World class entertainment by Jerry! Ship leaves 5:15 returns at 6:50pm

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